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A vibrant display of all of The Fourth Coming's musical collaborations ranging from production and song writing to vocal performances.



Change - See.Francis (Prod. Don Knock)

New Jersey Native See.Francis linked up with Don Knock at his studio in Queens after months of emailing music back and forth. See actually came to Queens with the intention of working on another song, which never got recorded because Don Knock accidentally played the "Change" beat. Once he heard it, See completely transitioned and began writing to the new beat.

Mango Nectar - Anik Khan (Prod. Don Knock, AyWy, Subdaio and Raj)

-- Anik Khan and Don Knock wrote this song a year before it was actually recorded at Don Knock's home studio. When recording the "Kites" project, Anik called Don Knock and told him he wanted to record the song for the album. Don Knock called out of work sick two days later to visit the infamous Chutney Compound to work alongside producer/engineer Raj and Flofi's own AyWy and Subdaio.  




Mouths to Feed Mixtape - D-Tweez

D-Tweez was homeless for a while when he began crashing on Don Knock's couch until he got back on his feet. The time spent together in this room provided a unique and creative atmosphere allowing the two to be inspired by one another. From music production and writing to recording, it was in this this room where the majority of the music from the "Mouth's to Feed" project was created. 


Neo-Noir Mixtape  - G-Two

G-Two and Don Knock met through rapper Anik Khan. They knew each other way before they ever worked together. G-Two is a very private rapper, so Don Knock and G-Two never stepped into the studio together. In fact, Don Knock didn't hear the final version of the tracks until the project was completed.




Bad Mon - Anik Khan (Prod.  Don Knock)

When his fellow rapper and best friend G-Two was looking for beats for his project Neo-Noir, Anik Khan reached out to his friend Don Knock. Don Knock sent Anik a bunch of beats intended for rapper G-Two. However, once Anik Khan got a hold of the Bad Mon beat, he could not help but deliver some bars over it. He ultimately mashed the song up with another titled 12:09, and the single was born.  

Back in the Day - D-Tweez  (Prod. Don Knock)

When he was creating the song with D-Tweez, Don Knock thought the chorus of this song was original. For weeks he was clueless until he played the track for a friend and was informed that it was actually a spin on Queen Latifa's "Just Another Day," released in 1993.